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The Y in my path

The Y in my path

Wanele grew up on the beautiful South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal in Margate and came to CPUT to study internal auditing in 2006. At the end of 2007, he became involved in the student YMCA, returning this year to serve a one-year apprenticeship. Wanele’s goals have changed radically since the Lord put the Y in his path.

When I first came to the Y, I was a Christian but I didn’t know what it meant to be a Christian!

My life’s goals at that time were to get a degree, make lots of money and buy a nice house in a good area and get married by 26. Coming to university, I didn’t have any knowledge of how these dreams of money, relationships and my studies had anything to do with my Christianity or the world around me. They were totally separate things to me! My dreams and goals had nothing to do with me being a Christian.

After spending two years at the Student Y, two things radically changed me: I was shown great love by the staff and other students and I got to know and understand the Bible. The friendships built at the Y have lasted until this day and my Bible understanding has given me meaning and helped me to see how I need to live my everyday life.

Fun with friends

One of the major changes for me was learning to read and understand the Bible properly. Before coming to the Y, I had been involved in a local church in Margate and I had been involved in holiday clubs and youth meetings, but before the Y all that Christianity was to me was fun with friends.

I love comfort, and the Bible and my Y community shook me and made me see that God hadn’t called me to comfort but to serve Him where He has put me, especially when it is not comfortable. The teaching at the Y greatly challenged my view of money and changed it from being mine to a view that God had given it to me to be a steward and a blessing to others.

Christian community

When I started working and studying part time, I moved away from the Y and my local church and I didn’t have a solid Christian community around me. This period taught me how important Christian community was and just what the Y had given me. It was the Bible teaching and training of the Y that kept me going during this period and the connection to past Y staff and students.

This year, I came back to serve a one year apprenticeship at the Y. Teaching and presenting the Bible to others was a major learning experience. Learning to take initiative to serve the campus and Y community was also a huge learning curve. It was good to get back into a Christian community and learn to serve in it.

Changing goals

My goals have radically changed since arriving at CPUT 7 years ago! Now I desire to live in an area and house where I think I can best serve the Lord, not where it is just comfortable. Now I want to earn money to extend God’s kingdom. Now I no longer feel the pressure to get married, I am content being single. I want to faithfully serve the Lord Jesus whether single or married, right where he has put me.

I want to thank the Lord for putting the Y in my path and for what the Y has taught me: to follow the Lord wherever he puts you in life.

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