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Xacvier Davids’ Student Y experience challenged her perception of change. Growing up in the challenging environment of Michell’s Plain, Xacvier has learned that although she can’t save the world, God can work through her to bring about restoration in the midst of brokenness. With a BSocSci in social work and an understanding of her identity in Christ, Xacvier is fully equipped to empower people from communities like hers.

I grew up with a single parent who modelled servant leadership through very tough situations. Growing up in Mitchells’s Plain meant being exposed to gangsterism and the high prevalence of high school dropouts, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse and single parenthood.

Being raised by a single mother who serves Christ and took me to church with her helped to shield me from many of the challenges a typical teenager from my community faced. This resulted in me growing a love for being in the house of God and his people. It is the challenges that people from my community faced together with the Love that God placed in my heart for people that developed a desire within me to pursue a degree in social work, so that I can help people become resilient and empower them.

A hunger for God’s Word

When I think of my time at the Student Y, the words, ‘man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord’ (Deut.8:3), comes to mind. That is really what the Y means to me – it instilled in me a hunger for God’s word, being sanctified by God’s Word, allowing God’s Word to direct every aspect of my life.

When I started attending Bible studies, I found the Bible study method of questioning Scripture unfamiliar and, to be honest, quite unsettling. I also didn’t have answers to many of the questions raised. But, once I started getting the hang of the inductive Bible study method, I was blown away by how it enabled me to read and interpret God’s Word for myself. I started realizing how insufficient my understanding of God’s Word was and, positively, how relevant God’s Word was for my every day, ordinary life.  So, being able to read, interpret and apply God’s Word to my life has been hugely empowering.

My identity in Christ

It gave me a deeper understanding of God’s character, the world of which I’m a part and my identity in Christ. I also developed a more realistic understanding of the true nature of Christianity itself – growing up I was exposed to religion, but at the Y I got a much bigger picture of God’s kingdom and my role in it.

Being empowered is a major overarching theme of my Student Y experience. When I say empowerment, I mean being exposed to a team of people who model leadership and entrust students with the responsibility of putting what they have learned or seen into action. The Y has been a place where I have been equipped to know and use my gifts in service of God and others.

Fulfilling potential

The thing the Y does well is that it identifies potential. For instance, I was astonished to hear that I had been nominated to serve on the Student Y Committee! At the time, I didn’t feel competent to take on the responsibility. I felt insecure and inferior and small and not capable of being helpful.

The Y gives you support. It helped me come to an understanding of what is really important in this life, and knowing my value in Christ, which is fixed; knowing that I don’t need to do anything to win God’s favour.


One of the most significant ways that the Y has impacted me in my studies is through challenging my perception of change. I now know that I can’t save the world but that God can work through me to bring about restoration in the midst of brokenness. I’ve realized that there is no real liberation, restoration, healing, satisfaction and security in anything else but Christ.

The only thing on my mind as I leave the Y is living a selfless life and living for God, not for myself.

  1. Great to hear! Praise the Lord! We pray that our Lord raises up many more Xavier’s for his glory.

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