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The Student Y is an interdenominational Christian student ministry, which currently operates on 3 campuses in the Western Cape.

Our mission is simply Teaching Students to Follow Jesus for Life. Kalk bay students

This means that we have a dual aim.¬†Firstly, we aim to introduce non-Christian students to Jesus. We’ll do our best to explain what the Bible teaches about our life here, and why Jesus is the only answer. Secondly, we aim to help Christian students to understand their faith better, and so to commit themselves fully to being servants of Christ in all that they do.

This goal implies pouring lots of energy into helping students to understand the extent of Christ’s claim on our lives. A relationship with Jesus means that our whole lives are completely devoted to His service, and that there is no part that we can hold back for ourselves.

Our core ministry is probably the small group Bible study. It is in this context that we can best seek out and understand who God is, what He is like and what He requires of us. We encourage students to be diligent and thorough in their study of God’s word, and to respond with obedience. We believe that God’s Word, revealed in the Scriptures and ultimately in the life of Jesus Christ, is sufficient and authoritative. All our other ministries and programmes are based on this conviction and shaped so as to be centred on the Word and to display lives lived under its authority.

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